Premium Empress Yoni Soap

Premium Empress Yoni Soap

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This soap was specifically designed for your sweet spot, the vaginal area. This unscented soap is safe to be used on your most private areas.

Our Premium Soap is a completely different formula from our original Empress Soap (also amazing!!). Premium is loaded with the 14 herbs from the yoni oil and is Extra Strength for those yonis/wombs that need a bit more love and care.

Use: detox, may help balance your natural PH, cleanse and tone your yoni, eliminate and prevent unwanted bacteria causing BV, yeast and urinary infections, reduce itching and Inflammation, natural antibiotic, natural skin brightener, may help with painful long or heavy menstrual cycles. 

All of our soaps are handcrafted and designs/swirls will vary. No two soaps look the same.

Directions: use on the external parts of the vagina and womb (belly area). Safe to use on all areas of the body as well. 

Ingredients: glycerin, sunflower oil, olive oil, 14 herbs (see yoni oil for complete list), tea tree, peppermint, honey, charcoal, turmeric, vitamin E, cloves, lemon, beetroot, mica

Organic/ Paraben Free / Non- toxic / Cruelty Free / Fragrance free/ vegan 


Always do a patch test on a hand or arm before applying a new product, especially if you have sensitive skin.

This Product Has not been Evaluated by the FDA

Consult a Physician before use

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