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This service is a 1:1 telephone consultation answering questions and providing recommendations based on the knowledge I have gained over my period of owning a successful businessFeel free to have a list of questions prepared. For coaching sessions, we recommend checking out our Business Coaching Mentorship Program (coming soon).

Please note: this does not include a list of our vendors or how to formulate or make products.

Shipping Policy

Current holiday processing time is 10-15 business days and may increase for larger orders. We are expecting to receive hundreds of orders Black Friday weekend, and will work as fast as possible to ship. Shipping will then take 2-3 business days using the United States Postal Service (USPS) priority mail or 7-10 business days via first class mail. In the case of a holiday, orders are shipped on the next business weekday. When shipped, you will receive an email containing your order tracking information.

*Please note that business days for shipping and processing times do not include weekends (Saturday & Sunday) and holidays. Processing time is an "additional" time frame separate to your shipping method of choice.

All international customs, taxes, and other fees are the responsibility of the customer. The cost will vary by value and country, so please be aware of what to expect before purchasing. Refunds are not given if a package is refused due to customs fees or any other reason.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Malcolm Dill
Even than I expected!

I was able to lay my questions and concerns out on the table and sit back and listen to this powerhouse of innovation and insight. Shakira is truly THEE one to talk to about your businesses needs. Especially new business owners!


I had my business consultation today & I really can’t think of better words but I wish I could .. the call was amazing shakira was willing to listen she really dug into who I was , what I wanted for myself and for my business & then went from there she gave me tips and tricks , strategies & suggestions.. I truly feel ready to take on my relaunch I’m comfortable & confident way more than I was before the call .. the call was nothing short of informative and motivating, im so very excited for our business relationship to flourish

A REAL Coaching/Consultation Call

This call was absolutely amazing! I came with questions and Shakira gave me the answers and so much more. She helped me understand exactly, I mean exactly what to do to launch my business. She did not hold back and gave actual valuable information. She asked engaging questions to help me find the best strategy for events that I have coming up. I've paid thousands of dollars for "mentoring" and did not receive half as much as Shakira poured into me. (My call consisted of start-up, product selection, marketing strategy, brand story, starting business credit, maximizing social media platforms, and I'm sure I'm missing something else.) I will definitely be booking a follow-up call. *I suggest getting the bundle*

Great Feedback

Speaking with Shakira was great! The feedback and advice was very helpful. I felt like we've could've spoken for hours. I recommend if your needing help or support with your business, definitly sign up to chat with Shakira. Thank you again.

God bless Shakira

This Consultation was worth every Penny. Shakiira helped me understand what lam going for interms of skincare business. She gives you every detail of what you need to know about how to start,how to Launch. . Shakiirah God bless you. Even if i paid for the Service. I feel like you gave me more than i needed to know. Talking to Shakiirah on Phone feels like your talking to a true Sister. She wants the best for everrrryone.

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