Boss Babe Action Planner (Printable PDF)

The Boss Babe Planner will help you organize and streamline your operations to become more efficient and productive in a stylish and professional manner! What makes this planner different is that it will guide you towards setting goals, creating strategies, and developing plans to achieve those goals. This planner will also help you identify areas of improvement, analyze data, and forecast potential changes you need to make to achieve your goals. This is NOT your ordinary planner!
The planner also features plenty of space to plan out your day, week, and even month, so you can stay ahead of the game and make sure you're meeting all of your goals.

With the Boss Babe Planner in your hand, you'll be ready to take on any challenge and become the incredible boss babe you know you can be. 
Note: this is a printable PDF. Use digitally on your IPad or computer. You can also print at home or at a printing shop and bind it at fedex for approximately $6.00.
Get your planner binded or add the pages into a binder for easy use. Once purchased, you will receive the planner to your email automatically. ENJOY!
  • 3 undated calendar months
  • Monthly and Weekly Pages
  • Social Media Posting Schedule
  • SMART Goals outlined and explained
  • Gratitude Sheet
  • Splurge Sheet
  • Affirmation Sheet
  • Business Overview
  • Business Brainstorm
  • Holidays
  • Long Term Goals
  • Annual Goals
  • Monthly Goals
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • Inspirational Quotes 
  • Doodle Pages
  • Braindump Pages

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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

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    5 STARS

    Are you even serious about yourself if you don't have this? I noticed Shakira always has this planner in every live, class, pic you name it and she actually uses it and its not a gimmick so i got it and it doesn't disappoint. I bout both planners and they both are so needed. I love how well thought out this planner is. Literally has everything you need besides a basic calendar. Trust me and grab it so you can get more organized.

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