OUR WHOLESALE COLLECTION HAS MOVED TO OUR NEW WEBSITE- Tropic Wholesale Essentials! www.tropicwholesaleessentials.com

*Please note that once you join our Wholesale Program by making your first purchase, a Tropical Wholesale presentation will be sent to you! 

Wholesale Informational Page

Hello tropic babes! Welcome to our Wholesale Program! We have created a gateway for you to easily purchased the #1 Herbal Infused Skincare products on the market! All wholesale products will be located on the website under ‘Wholesale Products’ in the drop down menu. 

Our mission is to provide your biggest organ, the SKIN, with quality products. We wholesale products such as bar soaps, shower gels, face serums, body butters, whipped scrubs, face masks and yoni care items. Clients and markets that we currently sell to include women and men’’s skincare brands and natural companies. Our Wholesale Program is also great for those who want to purchase in bulk for their families!

With Tropical Organicz, you will experience exceptional customer service, quality products, low minimums, and an exceptional tropical experience!

Important Information
  1. We start our Wholesale Program as high as 40% off our retail prices in order for you to save big and make a great profit if reselling!
  2. If you have a retail store and would like to be a distributor of our products in your location (with our labels) please email us or fill out our wholesale form with a description of your company to be considered.
  3. All products are made to order.
  4. Our pictures and videos cannot be used or replicated due to intellectual property and copyright laws. We have a strict policy about this! Get creative, create content and develop unique product names that match your brand :) If we find our creative property stolen, you will no longer be able to purchase with us and our legal team will reach out to you with a warning. All of our brands should look different and there is room for all of us to win! 
  5. You are responsible for becoming knowledgeable about natural products, skincare and your customer base.
  6. We encourage you to be creative and create different names and descriptions for your products to set you apart. Feel free to read our descriptions, but reword it so it suits your brand, business guidelines and how you would like to market the product. For example, turmeric has many benefits. Do not copy our website word for word except for the ingredients list. 
  7. Some of our products are not offered for wholesale and are specific to only Tropical Organicz LLC. An example would be our Ultimate Healing bar soap, shower gel, bath milks and soaks, teas, lip scrubs and Wood Wash. We also have some scents that we custom blended only for tropical Organicz which included Tamarind Paradise and Sorell as examples.
  8.  Always order ahead of time especially during holidays to accommodate for   processing and shipping times. 

We are so excited to work with you!

The Tropical Organicz Team 🌴🌸🥥🌞