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The Journey

Our company was created by husband and wife duo Robert and Shakira, who takes pride in what goes on the biggest organ of your body: THE SKIN! Our goal is to help our community transition into a holistic lifestyle of chemical free, natural, quality products that affect our overall being.  

Growing up in Caribbean households, we were exposed to many natural herbs and supplements to combat ANY ailment. From skin rashes, bad coughs, or bug bites, our parents knew a concoction to mix up for us. We were introduced to growing aloe vera, basil and thyme to name a few and learned how to use these ingredients to formulate products that actually work. 

So many people, including us suffer from seasonal allergies, eczema, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, acne, inflammation and much more. Many times we all have turned to toxic products filled with ingredients that we cannot pronounce looking for some sort of relief. We decided to dedicate Tropical Organicz to not only providing herbal infused natural skincare products to our community, but also educating others about holistic wellness and proper ways to use resources from the earth to care for their bodies. 

More About Your Lead Formulator 

Shakira, the lead researcher and formulator has a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology and a Master's degree in Education with a concentration in the Sciences. She is a few steps away from completing her dissertation and earning a Doctoral degree. Shakira has been working in the science field for 11 years and it is safe to say she knows her stuff!  

Quality, Quality, QUALITY

Shakira and Robert traveled to countries in Africa, Asia and the West Indies to research alternative medicinal practices to heal the body from the outside in. Our products include ingredients such as shea butter from Benin, bamboo from China and moringa from Antigua.   

Our products feature natural, premium ingredients for your entire family! Many of our products contain herbs that we grow, harvest, and infuse on our own! When you read our product labels, you should not see a long list of unknowns, like most of the products you see on the shelfs in your favorite stores. Remember that whatever you put on the outside of your body, is just as important as what you put in the inside and allow to travel through your bloodstream. 


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The best skincare line EVER. I suffer from sensitive, oily, and acne prone skin, and I have NEVER seen my skin look this healthy since I began puberty. I’ve tried everything, went to dermatologists just to end up back at square one. These products are gentle on my skin and 1000% effective. I’m just waiting on a store front so that I can live there….lol. Amazing products! Amazing!!!

Chef Steady August 06, 2022

I absolutely love this company, I have use oils, soaps for body and yoni as well. They are GREAT, it make the body feel very moist and the soap bars last for so long " I am impressed ". I Definitely would recommend!!!! Every product is always satisfying!!!

Stephanie Threadgill August 06, 2022

This place is an a addiction I told my husband from jump after the first use of product which was the black tie for hubby and seamoss shower gels…they be trying to get me with these coupons and sales..I can’t deal..I’m working my way slowly around the website lol ..I love the personalities vibes (yes I can feel themall the way over here) and personal.messages..I’m here for life

Lucy Onaiwu August 06, 2022

love your products . Can not wait to receive my order.

JACQUELINE JONES October 02, 2020

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