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Please view our individual listing for ingredients and a description of each soap. All Soaps come shrink wrapped with NO LABEL for your brand. Designs and swirls may vary.

If you are a store and would like to have our labeled products in your facility, please email us. 

Full Sized Soap Bars= $9.97 Per Unit

$5.98 for a bulk order of 20 or more (pick up to two different soaps)

$5.68 for a bulk order of 40 or more (pick up to four different soaps)

$5.32 for a bulk order of 60 or more (pick up to six different soaps)

$5.15 for a bulk order of 100 or more (pick up to eight different soaps)

Soap Bars

Turmeric Takeover

Midnight Meditation (Mens)

Beard Soap 

Coffee Bean

Empress Yoni

Aloe Avocado

Milk and Honey

Eucalyptus Mint

Baby Relief

Lavender Chamomile 

Coconut Oatmeal

Peppermint Charcoal

During checkout please write the scent of the soap you would like.  If you forget to write your scent at checkout, please email us at


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COUPONS CANNOT BE USED. YOU WILL BE INVOICED A SHIPPING FEE IF THE FREE SHIPPING CODE IS USED. Wholesale is already heavily discounted, therefore shipping must be paid before sending out orders. 

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