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Euphoria Yoni Steam


Euphoria Empress Yoni Steam was created for those steamy, sensual nights and will rejuvenate your sweet spot. Dryness and discomfort will be a thing of the past! Embrace your inner goddess and turn up the heat in the bedroom. This steam may help restore any imbalance. This is a great one! 

steaming is a way to pamper and nurture the womb in a non- invasive and holistic way via hydrotherapy. The herbs used in steaming have been used for centuries for different healing properties. 

Vaginal Steaming at home is now SUPER EASY! 

Ingredients: chamomile, calendula, nettle, roses, lavender, rosemary, marshmallow, witch hazel, yarrow, olive leaf, mint, comfrey, oregano


  1. Boil 4 cups of water. Remove pot from stove
  1. Add a 1/4 cup of Yoni Steam Herbs to hot water.
  1. Let cool while steeping for 5-10 minutes.
  1. Sit or squat over a basin, or toilet with seat with clothes off from the waste down after pouring Steam herbs inside basin. Let cool a few minutes if it is too hot or open blanket to let some steam out.
  2. Cover with large towel or blanket to keep steam inside.
  1. Steam for 20- 45 minutes ( amazing with meditation music or your fav relaxing tunes)

Warning We recommend that you DO NOT steam if any of the following apply to you:

  1. You are pregnant or think you might be
  2. If you are trying to get pregnant you should not steam during or after ovulation
  3. If you have an IUD, ring or coil, check with a medical practitioner as the uterus may contract and cause problems with placement.
  4. It is not recommended to steam after waxing or laser hair removal. We recommend waiting 4 days after waxing and 2 weeks after laser hair removal
  5. Please note that piercings will need to be removed to avoid burns
  6. Steaming should not be done when the body is fighting and illness such as the flu or any other fevered condition
  7. if you have a vaginal infection, open wounds, sores, or blisters
  8. Do Not steam when on your period.

You should stop your steam if you feel any of the following; generally unwell, dizzy, nauseous or if your body tells you so, trust your instincts.

Happy Steaming and enjoy!

*Not regulated by the FDA

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