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Picture this: you're starting your own business and you're excited, but also nervous. You're investing your time, energy, and money into this venture, but there are so many hidden challenges and pitfalls that you don't even know about yet. That's where my Mastercourses come in. 

Our Mastercourses are designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve success in your own product-based business. From marketing and sales to finance and leadership, I'll guide you through everything you need to know to scale your business to six figures and beyond.

I've developed each course with your success in mind. I've identified all of the hidden yet crucial topics that I wish I had known before starting my own business. These are the topics that could have saved me thousands of dollars and countless tears. And now, I'm sharing all of my insights and knowledge with you. With my Mastercourses, you'll have the roadmap to success that I wish I had when I was starting out. 

With my proven strategies and years of experience in building successful businesses, I've been able to scale my own businesses to consistent multi six figures. And now, I'm sharing all of my knowledge and expertise with you in my comprehensive and interactive online courses. Hi I am Shakira,  a trained educator of over 10 years and skincare formulator specializing in curriculum design, scientific research and business strategizing. Come ready to elevate because you will NOT leave the same way you started after each course. 

But don't wait too long to enroll in my Masterclasses, as our enrollment period is only open for two weeks.

Location: Broward County- Plantation, FL 33313. Exact location of headquarters sent after booking. 

Each course is a 2 hour in-person Session. Students will receive:

  1. A step by step coaching session with actionable steps to implement into your business right away
  2. A free digital Boss up Masterclass Workbook for your particular class to record all notes between student and instructor
  3. One free 10 minute follow up call by a Tropic Specialist in 2 weeks after your course
  4. Official Certification of Completion Emailed 
  5. Light refreshments, stationary materials, printed and digitized Boss up Masterclass Workbook, hands on direct training and framed Certification of Completion)

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  1. Business Set Up  (Beginners)
    1. Identify a clear Brand Vision, Mission, Provided Service
    2. Business Niche
    3. Industry/Competitor Analysis
    4. Target Audience and Brand Scheme
    5. Registering Your Business
    6. Business Insurance
    7. Business Bank Accounts
    8. Business Taxes
    9. Business Funding without a Bank Loan
    10. Identify a Timeline of Launch 
  2. Brand Trust and Story Development
    1. Discuss the Importance of Brand Story Development and Scalability
    2. Build and Identify Your Clear Brand Vision, Mission, Provided Service
    3. Using Ai to Adjust and Generate Uniqueness Amongst Competitors
    4. Identify your Brand’s Core Problem and Solution 
    5. Create a 1 Minute Pitch Through Storytelling 
    6. Review over 20 Tested Strategies To Develop Brand Trust
    7. Turn Brand Storytelling/ Trust into Direct Sales 
    8. Using Brand Story to Build Consistent and Loyal Clientele 
    9. Social Proof
    10. Brand Awareness and Community Efforts
  3. Content Creation
    1. Identify Compelling Content Ideas
    2. Evaluate your Target Audience and Marketing Channels 
    3. Review the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Content
    4. Tips for Creating a Profitable Content Calendar
    5. How to Batch and Schedule Content
    6. Effective Programs to Create and Edit Content
    7. Tips and Tricks to Taking Stunning Photos with Your Phone 
    8. Demonstration of Creating a Product Graphic Using canva Pro 
    9. Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Content 
    10. Identify 30 Compelling Content Hooks
    11. Utilizing AI to redefine Content Success
    12. User Generated Content (UGC)
  4. Marketing Strategy
    1. Receive our Proven Marketing Framework Breakdown
    2. Understanding Consumer Behavior 
    3. Marketing to a Specific Audiences for Maximum Results
    4. Effective Branding and Positioning 
    5. Email and Text Marketing 
    6. Funnels and Segmentation
    7. Effective Social Media Marketing
    8. How to Rely Only on Data Driven Marketing Decisions
    9. Creating Marketing Materials
    10. Marketing Budget 
    11. Market Researcher and Competitor Analysis
    12. Importance of Marketing Endurance When Testing Strategies
  5. Consistent Sales Blueprint
    1. Receive our Exclusive Sales Framework Breakdown
    2. Understand the Sales Process and the Different Stages 
    3. Leveraging Social Media
    4. Identify a Series of Call to Actions (CTAs) and Applying Them
    5. Sales Pitch to Different Markets
    6. Multiple Streams of Income Within 1 Business
    7. Identifying Sales Goals
    8. Different Methods of Closing Deals
    9. Utilizing Technology and Tools for Sales Success
    10. Pricing Products
    11. Measuring Sales Performance 
  6. Customer Experience & Retention Tactics
    1. Importance of Customer Experience and its Impact on Retention
    2. Developing a Customer-centric Culture
    3. Use a Data Tracker to Identify Customer Journey and Pain Points 
    4. Effective Communication Channels
    5. Developing Personalized Experiences that Convert
    6. How Solve Customer Issues, Complaint and Problems 
    7. Preparing for “Problematic or Demanding Customers” 
    8. How to Increase Customer Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials
    9. Using Customer Feedback to Make Informed Decisions
    10. Assessing Your Own Customer Service Efforts and Professionalism 
    11. Using Data to Target Customer Segments 
    12. Investing in Customer Analytics
    13. Follow Up Proposals 
    14. Product Placements 
  7. Dos and Dont’s of Product Based Businesses
    1. You’ll Just Have to Take This Class To Get the Ins and Outs!
    2. Identify the do’s and don’ts across all characteristics of business
    3. How to Grow Your Business with the Presented Information
    4. Identify Mistakes We Have Made that Equalled Lost Time, Money and Stress
    5. Strategies We Implemented that Transformed Our Business Quickly
    6. Brainstorming Your Strengths and Weaknesses Within Your business to Use To Your Advantage 
    7. Tips and Tricks for Product Based Businesses
    8. How to Effectively Combine Service and Product based Offerings 
    9. How to Develop Financial Savviness Within Your Business
    10. Brand Positioning 
  8. Logistics and Developing SOPs ( Advanced)
    1. Develop and Document Standardized Procedures for all Key Business Processes
    2. How to Conduct Effective Weekly Strategy Meetings with or Without Staff
    3. Preparation for Dips in Business
    4. Quarterly Assessments
    5. Developing an Employee Handbook
    6. Hiring Staff and Employment Payment 
    7. Updating the Backends of Your Website
    8. Website Integrations to Strengthen Logistics
    9. Business Resource Tools to Manage Day to Day Operations
    10. Virtual or In Person Assistants and their Role 
    11. Terms and Conditions, FAQs and Clear Policies
    12. Service Agreements, Contracts and NDAs
    13. Develop a 5 Year Plan to Scale 
    14. Obtaining an Office, Warehouse or Storefront 
    15.  Build Strong Relationships with Suppliers and Logistics Partners
  9. Help: Natural Skincare 101
    1. Discuss ‘Must Knows’ of Natural Skincare as a Business Owner
    2. How To Write Unique and Compelling Product Descriptions that Convert
    3. Review of Key Natural Ingredients and Product Development (ex preservatives)
    4. How to Confidently Recommend a Proper Routine to Your Clients
    5. Wholesale versus Private Labeling and How to Profit
    6. How to Build Brand Trust When You Don’t Make Your Own Products 
    7. How to Convert Your Wholesale Products into Unique Offers
    8. Legal and Regulatory Requirements for Labeling, Packaging and Product Claims
    9. Vendor Events and Markets with your Products
    10. Shipping Strategies 
    11. Customer Needs and Inventory Selection 
    12. Managing Inventory and Product Selection
  10. Grab Em All Bundle = save $200 that's 50%off one class!!! Limited time offer 

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