Tropical Organicz LLC

Business Coaching and Mentorship


This service is a 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring service via phone, zoom, whatsapp video or facetime for business owners who sell any products. You will work hand in hand with CEO and Co-Founder Shakira James towards growing successful 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Coaching sessions include: developing a business plan, discussing actionable steps towards launching, product labeling, shipping methods, finding your target audience, building your website, scaling your business, social media, action planning, goal setting, self- confidence and being a bad a** CEO! 

The idea of our coaching sessions are to guide you towards unlocking your best potential and helping you develop a profitable business selling products. Get ready to take notes and do some homework! We will have you answer some preliminary questions before your first coaching service to customize your sessions.

Package 1- $750 for 3 sessions 

Package 2- $1470 for 6 sessions - $30 savings

Package 3- $2205 for 9 sessions  -$45 savings 

*Each session is 60 minutes each. Package 3 comes a free additional 30 minute session making it 10 sessions total.

Each session comes with a follow up/ accountability check. Every session also ends with assignments to complete. 

Please note: this does not include a list of our vendors or how to formulate or make products.

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